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REI BlackBook Success Stories

Anthony & Jamie Klenkle

Company: A & J Living, LLC
Owners: Anthony & Jamie Klenkle
Location: Milwaukee, WI
RE Niche: Rental properties & High End flips

Favorite Feature:
One-Click Property Marketing

Key Results

  • Save a minimum of 10 hours a week
  • 75% increase in rental prospects
  • Decreased time between projects

“REI Blackbook has kept us in business and married!”

“[We have] Increased rental prospects by 75%"

“REI Blackbook helps us reach more people and look professional without spending thousands of dollars and countless hours on 20 separate sites.”

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An Unorganized Beginning

Anthony and Jamie Klenkle began learning the real estate ropes in 2001, and bought their first duplex in 2005. For years they shied away from flipping property because it was just too hard to keep things organized. Anthony’s the ‘vision guy’ not the ‘collate and staple’ type, so they kept their investments to rentals they could manage. But advertising those rentals around the Internet proved to be a time suck, and without a much of a marketing process, they often experienced longer vacancies than they hoped for.

A Business Expands

After joining REI BlackBook in 2011, their business transitioned from willy-nilly to streamlined station. REI BlackBook not only saves them more than 10 hours a week marketing their properties, but also gives them the ability to quickly organize and advertise their deal information.

REI BlackBook makes tracking the phases of their projects so easy that even ‘the vision guy’ can use it. Not only do they hold a variety of rentals, but they’ve been able to expand their business to rehabbing as well.

More Buyers, Less Time

Having an all-in-one marketing engine means that they put their rental property marketing together once, click a button, and it’s out to the world. REI BlackBook generates more prospects in a single week than their piecemeal marketing was able to scrounge up in a month. Being that their rentals don’t change much, this process has nearly obliterated their vacancies and saves them valuable time so they can spend more time playing with their four children and looking for new rehab projects.

Peter & Eva Medilek

The Hayston Group, LLC
Owners: Peter & Eva Medilek
Location: Berkeley, CA
RE Niche: Fix & Flips, Rentals
Favorite Feature: Property Analyzer & My Client Genie

Key Results

  • Minimum 4 hours a week in time savings
  • Easy to delegate system
  • Helped build their fix and flip business thus generating income to transition into cash flowing properties
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A Confidence Boost

Peter and Eva Medilek started their real estate investment careers in 2010. Lucky for them, they built their investment systems inside of REI BlackBook from the get-go. Like most beginning investors, they weren’t completely confident in property analysis and marketing, but, while they were gaining experience, the property analyzer helped them feel secure in the offers they made, and the marketing engine ensured that they didn’t sit on a deal for very long.

From Confidence to Competence

After completing a few successful flips, they no longer needed the confidence boost, but continue to use the tools as an integral part of their decision making. Eva thinks the property analyzer should be renamed the profit analyzer because it lets them know just how much to offer, whether they’re keeping the property or wholesaling, and exactly how much to spend on a rehab to realized their desired profit.

Keep the Deals Coming

Currently they’re transitioning into cash flowing investments, but they plan to continue the rehabbing arm of their real estate business relying heavily on the marketing engine, which has also helped them successfully market for lease options.

By delegating data entry to an assistant and knowing that REI BlackBook will keep track of the continual marketing for the next deal, be it a flip or a rental, Peter and Eva are able to spend more time shopping for tiles, making offers, and building their cash flowing property portfolio.

Ruben Perez

Company: Skyline REI Properties, LLC
Owners: Ruben Perez
Location: Phoenix, AZ
RE Niche: Lease Option & Wholesale
Favorite Feature: Customer Support & Autoresponders

Key Results

  • Generates leads every week
  • Business revolves around the implemented systems, couldn’t function without it
  • Uses the lead generation & follow-up systems for other businesses as well

“I couldn’t function without REI BlackBook.”

“We’ve started using the REI BlackBook system to develop landing pages and autoresponders for other business as well. Loving it!”

“The REI BlackBook automated systems are generating leads every week; I’ve even had sellers call me back months later because of an autoresponder. It’s great!”

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A Must Have

When Ruben Perez began his real estate investing career, he was just a normal guy with big dreams. After seeing an REI BlackBook presentation at a Rich Dad Education training event in 2011, he knew he had to have it. Two months later, following the close of his first deal, he bought the software.

From Pen and Paper to Profit

Before REI BlackBook, Ruben managed all his clients, leads, and properties the old fashioned way: pen, paper files, desktop email client, and a hearty dish of frustration with a side of wasted time. REI BlackBook became the system that he would not only use to catapult his investing career but to grow other businesses as well, like his niece’s airbrushing business and his credit repair company.

Automation and Confidence

The autoresponders he’s set in motion have leads calling him months after the first conversation, not only saving a ton of time, but increasing revenue as well. With the automatic systems in place, his business hums along like a bumblebee after a flower. But the value not only lies in the easy automation that’s exploded his business; for Ruben, the most valuable piece of the REI BlackBook machine is the team behind it. The “immediate support response” and “always improving and listening to requests” instills in him the confidence to grow his business using REI BlackBook, knowing we’re growing the software right alongside him.

Jeff Sheiner

Company: I Buy Georgia
Owners: Jeff Sheiner
Location: Georgia
RE Niche: Wholesale
Favorite Feature: “My Client Genie is GOLD”

Key Results

  • From $0 to Making a Living in Real Estate Investment
  • Markets everything using REI BlackBook

“Seeing as I started at $0 with my real estate investment, REI BlackBook has been instrumental in the growth of my business.”

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Jeff Sheiner has been investing in real estate for a few years now, but the majority of his wholesale business success has been because of REI BlackBook. He markets everything using REI BlackBook, including his most recent rehab.

His daily use of My Client Genie, allows him to keep track of new investors, make notes, and schedule follow-ups on offers he’s made. For those wholesalers out there, you know that in order to be successful you’ve got to do volume, which means a lot of balls in the air and a lot of potentially forgotten details. Jeff uses REI BlackBook to ensure he doesn’t miss an important deadline, forget to contact a potential buyer, or lose a single lead.

He works the entire deal from start to finish using the REI BlackBook system, and as Jeff says, “My Client Genie is GOLD”. Coming from a man whose contacts mean money, that’s saying a lot. As his business continues to grow, he implements more and more of the REI BlackBook tools, which have never failed to make him money.

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