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About REI BlackBook

The Players

(in no particular order)


Damon Remy

Founder & Chief Visionary

Damon’s role as Chief Everything Officer centers on his ability to dream and build for the future, listen to your needs now, and ensure the Blackbook team understands the company mission and purpose so their hearts, as well as their minds, are engaged every day. A small town Texas native, Damon got his start in computer technology from the Marine Corps when he was thrown into maintaining their network. He fell in love with technology then and there and broke everything in sight so he could figure out how it worked. As an exuberant father to 4 kids, and one heck of a singer who landed his wife with a Karaoke song, Damon believes that helping others succeed is the best way to spend your time.

Jackie Remy

Accounting & Office Management

Jackie keeps the lights on and the team happy. A mother to 4, a wife to Damon, and a tomboy at heart, she keeps the business books straight, your accounts managed, and makes sure the team gets their vacation. She’s an avid sports fan, doesn’t like to shop, but has a little girl who does and is grateful she’s got Damon to take her to the mall.

Matt McSwain

Lead Developer & Programmer Wrangler

Matt was employee #1 at REI Blackbook and is responsible for the infrastructure madness and phenomenal tools that make up the Blackbook platform. He keeps the site and its features in full functioning order; without him we would all still be sending newsletters one email at a time through a Hotmail account. As the point man for the other programmers, he dedicates his off time to Crossfit so that he can keep them in line and successfully wrestle pigs (true story).

Elizabeth Parker

Client Service & Office Management

Liz is your first point of contact at REI Blackbook for customer support.  She’s the sifter, sorter, and sinew of the office, providing support to everyone who needs it. She has a special love for dogs, pizza, and family and if she could, she’d ride a rollercoaster to work.

Dustin Tierney


Dustin is usually hopped up on chocolate and crushing code behind the Blackbook curtain. Having been a freelance programmer for years before joining the REI Blackbook team, he glided into place and immediately began fixing bugs and simplifying your Blackbook experience. A proud owner of 4 cats (and counting), he plays a fair amount of hockey and Ultimate, and loves the fact that he isn’t required to wear a tie to work.

Brandon Monzyk

Client Training & Sales

Brandon is the man who shows you how it’s done. He not only gives you a tour of the Blackbook features, but also teaches you how to use them in order to achieve your most immediate and pressing business needs now, not later. When he’s not on the phone with you, he’s out and about spreading the word and changing lives through automation and Blackbook implementation, or he’s talking to his dog, Luna, like she’s human and bolting down dill pickle sunflower seeds – it depends on the weekend, really.

Josh Arras

Client Training & Sales

Josh is the man who moves your real estate automation from possible to pumping. As the guy on the other end of the line, he’ll help you structure your systems to support your objectives, and show you how to implement our game changing tools to your benefit, and may or may not be (he is) wearing a STL Cardinals hat. He loves the team sprit at BlackBook HQs, and he’s also looking forward to the day when he buys a pirate ship, hires a pirate (the nice kind), and sails to the Caribbean feasting on nothing but PB&J’s.

Lisa Gordon

Client Service & Office Support

Lisa is your spunky support pilot, and is often your first point of contact when you dial HQ. She’s in the office backing the rest of the team and pitching in wherever necessary to get it done. She loves to run, but cannot dance and only does so with her toddlers because they don’t know any better. As a licensed phlebotomist, she could draw blood, but she’d rather sort your inquiries than poke at your veins.

Amanda Yoakum

Creative Director & Graphic Designer

Amanda makes us, and you, look good. As the REI Blackbook creative director & designer, she oversees all web and print graphics, and works with the team to develop current marketing strategies. As a recovering perfectionist she’s learned that perfect isn’t possible, but instead betters her best every day, something that you, and we benefit from greatly. She’s lit her hair on fire, fears splashing, and although she’s related to Davey Crockett, reserves her coonskin cap for special occasions.

Chase Loevy

Front End Developer

Chase bridges the gap between the design and development team. She’s the one responsible for things looking and functioning the way we intend them to, so that your BlackBook experience is an easy one. When she’s not brewing a brilliant blend of design and code, she’s teaching dance lessons, shopping, or cheering fanatically for the Rams, and she may or may not own a shark costume (she totally does).

Curtis Parham

Junior Developer

Curtis is a code wrangler, Fast Track manager, and customer support angel, and is an integral piece to keeping us efficient. As a father of three and a  former heavy metal drumming pastor, he’s more than capable of wearing many hats and rocking every one.

Nicole Flinn

Damon’s Right Hand Ninja

Every CEO needs a right hand ninja to keep things in line and on time, and Nicole is Damon’s. An expert at too many tasks to mention, she used to sling loans in the mortgage industry and has joined the BlackBook team to help us (and you) grow. Devoted mother, wife, and craft beer brewer, she’s a tough lady with many talents, but don’t let her fool you, at heart she’s a softie committed to the success of everyone around her.

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