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Success Is In The Community

Your Net Worth Is In Your Network

REI BlackBook is the fastest growing nationwide community of active investors. Networking with other likeminded individuals will skyrocket your success. You can collaborate on deals, combine contacts, and ask for advice.

Money Portal

Fund your next deal from a network of investors. The 6-12 month short-term loans are issued regardless of credit, bankruptcy, or foreclosure, but are instead based on property value.

Document Library

Access our library of legal document templates that will cover you in a variety of real estate transactions.

Community Answers

Community submitted and answered questions are indexed and searchable. Find solutions to almost any question you have, from recommended CPA’s in your area to the best mold remediation technique.

Property Alerts

Set up custom alerts to be notified when a community member adds a property that meets your investment criteria.

REI BlackBook Team Support

The REI BlackBook team is here to take your calls and provide one-on-one consultations. We are constantly improving, developing, and expanding the software based on YOUR feedback, wants, and needs. When you invest in REI BlackBook, you’re not only getting a software, you’re hiring a team who is committed to your success.

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The nations largest real estate educators don't just recommend REI BlackBook,
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Anthony & Jamie Klenkle

REI BlackBook has kept us in business and married!

Increased rental prospects by 75%!

REI BlackBook helps us reach more people and look professional without spending thousands of dollars and countless hours on 20 separate sites.

Anthony & Jamie Klenkle A & J Living, LLC

Daniel & Maranda Moore

REI Blackbook has more than streamlined my business, it is the cornerstone that makes it grow.

40k profit in one month!

Now that I’m using REI Blackbook, I’m sourcing my own deals, which makes my margins MUCH nicer.

Daniel & Maranda Moore Empire REI, LLC

Ruben Perez

I couldn’t function without REI BlackBook.

The REI BlackBook automated systems are generating leads every week; I’ve even had sellers call me back months later because of an autoresponder. It’s great!

We’ve started using the REI BlackBook system to develop landing pages and autoresponders for other business as well. Loving it!

Ruben Perez Skyline REI Properties, LLC